I worked with an amazing team. Under the Creative Director and Copywriter, and partnered with an Art Director, we designed against a very aggressive deadline from media buy to publication while navigating the complex relationship of corporate creative asset management. I served to Art Direct and Design and Produced many of the banners to spec for IGN/Ziff and Curse. I also worked collaboratively with an amazing animator who created the customized Overwatch blockbuster portion on IGN and Developers who published the HTML5 banners and pre-roll video portions.
All graphics were captured or recorded live in-browser during the time of active publication.
Capture of the dynamic ads in action. On load Overwatch character Lucio animates from in-game environment to disrupt banner area and reveal T-Mobile content.
2016 IGN BlizzCon banner takeover content which included many animated banner ads and Overwatch original character assets.
Curse blog DiabloFans banner takeover which included expandable interactive banners and side background rails and skins.

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