Ali of Visit Seattle is a favored client and great friend of ours at Publicis Seattle. Back in early spring of 2015, we were delighted to hear that there was going to be a brand new addition to their family; not only were we excited to meet the new bundle of joy, but this presented a wonderful opportunity to try to build something for the Baby that was a little different, and at the same time, deeply personal.
Studio was tasked with building a custom bookcase for Baby’s room. They had already purchased all the classic children’s storybooks. The overall design of the bookcase was very important, but the longstanding aesthetic needed to last beyond the individual books. The bookcase needed to stand up to wear and tear throughout the years for the growing family. So, structurally, we settled on a simple rounded edge frame with drape-and-dowel-style shelves. The shelves, represented by a canvas drape, gave us the freedom to explore an imaginative and flexible illustration platform.
Adding elements that could be enjoyed whether or not books obstructed the view was essential, and the colors and typography on the exterior frame needed to be classic and nonspecific to gender. Ultimately, we explored myriad methods that allowed for an educational but primarily entertaining fixture in the home. We hope the family enjoys having it as much as we enjoyed building it!

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