AZ Justice Project - Silent Auction

AZ Justice Project had us do a Silent Auction page. The project needed to be done and functioning live within a very short time. I worked directly with the client and a Web Developer who took my final approved designs and made it functional. I took existing JP branding and within that space provided a unique UI to promote and entertain the patrons who would be bidding on items within the auction space.

This demo shows the final silent auction with slight modifications to my final design implemented with the assistance of a web developer. This has all final and live content.
This mockup was used as a creative gateway for supporters to view while development was still under process and during the live auction to prevent general users from accessing private auction information. Those who were invited were the only ones given access.
This mockup version shows the auction items with a Featured option which wasn't used in the final product. This allowed the client to see how items would show up once provided.
This preproduction mockup was used in the approval process before development.

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